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Island Jim by Oscar #2

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Island Jim, and his red hot ‘Leaf by Oscar’ brand, have been tearing up the industry over the last few years. After starting off in the industry running the Leaf & Bean cigar shop in Pittsburgh, PA, Jim Robinson has gone on to create one of the fastest-selling boutiques on the market. Today, we welcome the Island Jim #2 to CI, in both the original and maduro formats. 

Shaped like a #2 pencil, both version of these Island Jim cigars are impressively crafted. On the original, you’ll find a Connecticut tip that’ll lend a subtle, tea-like sweetness to the cigar… cut it further down, under the Connecticut tip, and you’ll find a richer, chocolatey profile. For the maduro, the cigar stays the same, just swapping out a darker, richer wrapper leaf that provides a fuller-bodied profile.