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Rocky Patel ITC Emerald

Rocky Patel ITC Emerald

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Rocky’s seeing green

Back in the cigar boom of the 90’s a little known lawyer named Rocky Patel broke into the cigar business with his new line of handmades. In the years following, Rocky would drop his original branding and put cigars out under his own name, but like all good things, ITC is back and better than ever. Today, we welcome a whole new blend to this storied line: the ITC Emerald. 

I’ll shoot you straight, I’m always wary of Candela wrappers. But when a mastermind like Rocky sets his mind to something, you can rest assured it’s going to be great. Featuring the green Candela wrapper leaf that’s so rare nowadays, ITC Emerald delivers a medium to full-bodied profile with loads of earth, black pepper, and toasted woodsy notes balanced out by the grassiness that Candela brings to the table. Give it a shot today, and I’m sure you’ll agree: Emerald is a gem.